Saturday, 30 March 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge!

Just a shout out that I (and hopefully Auntin) will be doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year, which starts next Monday. Wish us luck!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Water can dance?

So it turns out, with the right frequency, water can dance. The weirdest part about this is that to the naked eye, it just looks like water splashing everywhere. It needs to be videoed or viewed using a strobe light to see the full effect. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

No Arab Abras

Pokémon have been banned in Saudi Arabia since 2001. The kingdom's senior cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, said that Pokémon supports gambling and Zionism. He said that Pokémon contained "the star of David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is Israel's national emblem."
Luckily, Generation III and IV seem to be unaffected by the ban.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Ever thought it was horrible that double jumping just isn't possible in real life? Well think again, because according to this video here by Vsauce3, it turns out that it's actually possible...on Saturn's moon Titan. Because Titan has such a dense atmosphere, and such a low gravitational pull, its theoretically possible to jump, then use the thick atmosphere to push off and jump again.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bradford's British Batman

Bradfords very own caped crusader Batman, Stan Worby, who delivered wanted criminal Daniel Frayne to a city centre police station.
From the Australian Online:
A TAKEAWAY delivery man has revealed he is the mysterious crime-fighter whose image went viral online after he walked into a British police station dressed as Batman and handed over a wanted man.
Stan Worby, 39, said he was "gobsmacked" by worldwide coverage of his antics and revealed that the man he turned into police was a friend.
Worby sparked a wave of theories about his identity on Monday when police released a CCTV image of a man dressed as the comic book hero, delivering the suspect to a police station in Bradford, northern England. He had told dumbstruck officers: "I've caught this one for you!" before vanishing into the night on the early hours of February 25.

Danny Frayne, 27, has been charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences and will appear in court on Friday. Worby, who works for a Chinese takeaway, said his friend had wanted to hand himself in. "Obviously it was done as a joke," Worby told ITV television.

Worby said he took offence at media reports describing him as a chubby version of the "caped crusader" -- protesting that he looks overweight in the picture because he was wearing a tracksuit under the costume to stay warm. "I've got my full tracksuit underneath," he explained. "I'm not just wearing this -- it's too thin."

Worby said he had been at a football match in London on February 24 -- wearing the Batman outfit -- when Frayne called to ask if he could give him a lift to the police station. "I told him as soon as I was home I would run him to Bradford central police station," Worby told the Daily Telegraph newspaper. "Danny's a good friend of mine and I've known him for 15 years or so. Who knows if I'll be doing some more crime-fighting in the future?"

Neighbourhood police in the Buttershaw area of Bradford revealed details of the mystery on their Facebook page and the incident was captured on CCTV. Worby is not the first man to pose as a real-life Batman.

In October, a man pleaded not guilty to obstructing US police while dressed as Batman, after he refused to leave them alone while they searched for a driver who had fled the scene of an accident. Mark Wayne Williams had already been sentenced to six months' probation after police received a report of a man dressed as Batman on the roof of a business in Michigan.